Monday, June 13, 2011

Yulia Drobova - Uzbek Illustrator and Designer

Stylized Central Asian women pattern
This design reminds me of Ballets Russes costumes
Look at these marvellous pieces by Tashkent-based illustrator Yulia Drobova.

After 5 years at the Tashkent Architectural State Institute, Yulia graduated with a Master's degree in Advertisement and Applied Graphic Art. She is now a freelance illustrator working on children's books and textile projects. At the end of 2010 Yulia spent 3 months in Paris as artist in residence, at the Cité Internationale des Arts.

Her bold, strong work demonstrates how vibrant the contemporary design world is in Uzbekistan. View her portfolio to see more of her delightful work. I especially like Our Datcha in Tashkent, a prize winner in the They Draw and Travel competition, 2011.

Yulia also creates posters for the Ilkhom Theatre, the Soviet Union's first experimental, independent theatre founded during the Brezhnev era. This remarkable artistic collective has performed worldwide, garnering rave reviews and awards, including the Prince Claus Award 2011.

Ce que l'on peut voir sous les pieds
Also in 2011 the Institut Français in Tashkent held an exhibition of Yulia's work. Titled Les Paysages Inconnus, the exhibition captured impressions of her time in Paris in photographs, graphic works and installations. Isn't her work fabulous?

You can read an interview with Yulia on Image Zoo published in December 2011.

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